Why is Fäviken Magasinet closed?

Fäviken Magasinet is closing because Magnus, the head chef, has decided to leave the restaurant. The family that owns Fäviken have, in turn, decided that because of the uniqueness of the restaurant and its operation they are not interested in recruiting a new head chef. The development at Fäviken over the last ten years has been very much reliant on the symbiotic relationship between Magnus and the owners of the estate and therefore the restaurant will close when Magnus leaves.

What will Magnus be doing next?

Starting in 2020 Magnus will take some time off with his family and focus also on his orchard and gardening.

What is going to happen with the restaurant space at Fäviken?

Fäviken will revert to being used the way it was before it became a public restaurant; to serve private groups who want to come and stay at the estate and rent the place for a weekend of skiing or hunting. Magnus however will not be in charge of the operation.

What is going to happen with the Charkuterie and Krus?

Regarding the other businesses related to Fäviken – our Charkuterie production and our café in Åre – the ambition is to continue operating them as before. Even though they are closely associated to Magasinet they, have always been run as separate entities. Krus is closed over the summer but we are looking for a new space that it can move into and hopefully open again for the next ski season.

Where can I find more in-depth information about this?

Magnus has given his only interview on this subject to the Los Angeles Times, click on the link to read it.

Will Magnus be giving further interviews on the closure of Fäviken?

No, not at this stage. We have shared the information we think is needed to make sense of this decision through both our newsletter and here on our webpage. There is also the interview mentioned above with the LA Times. Aside from this we would now like to focus on our team and on running the restaurant for the last 6 months of its life. We don’t want to spend a ton of time giving interviews and being photographed for a restaurant that is closing. Especially whilst we are still open and want to enjoy working at Fäviken for as long as it lasts. Magnus will be open for interviews again after the restaurant has actually closed.



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