Fäviken, Järpen
30 Mar 2015 19:26
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Some News from Fäviken Magasinet

We have now closed the restaurant for a time of creative development and reflection. We will open again on the 1st of July 2015 and we will start taking reservations from the 1st of April for the whole summer and autumn of 2015.

New for the coming season is that we will adopt a ticketing system in which the food is paid for at the point of reservation, and is non-refundable.

During our time of closure, the permanent staff will engage in several projects with the purpose of bringing new qualities to the experience we offer at Fäviken. We will keep you all up to date on what we work on via our Twitter account, and our Instagram feed. Some of the themes we have designed projects around for this spring are.

If you are considering trying for an internship here and if you have an idea for a research project that you would like to do in cooperation with us, please send in an application to peeter@favikenmagasinet.se. The application needs to clearly describe your proposed project and the purpose of it. If selected, the project will be realized with our team and from our resources at Fäviken. We will recruit one project trainee who will start during spring and remain until the end of July, hopefully to see his or her project implemented in some part of what we offer at the restaurant.

Hope to see you here for the next season

Best Wishes

Magnus, Karin, Jesper, Peeter, Mikey, James, Christoffer, Jacob, Girlis, Jonas & Mathilda

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