Fäviken, Järpen
23 Dec 2014 03:17
-4°C / 24.8°F

Hi there!

This is a little note to tell you about some changes we are going to make in the restaurant during next year.

We have finally reached a point where I feel that we have the resources and stability in our team to fulfil a dream that I have had for a very long time. To create dedicated time for research and creative work in the restaurant, time earmarked to develop ourselves without taking focus away from the customer and the execution of our ideas while we are open.

From 2015 we will adopt a new schedule in which the restaurant will close for about 20 weeks every year. During that time, the core team at Fäviken, both front of house and kitchen, will work on site and elsewhere in the world on projects that we find interesting for the restaurant’s future improvement.

I believe that this is not only a great opportunity for us to create new and unique experiences for our customers but also to integrate our whole team more into the creative process. I hope to make better use of their experience and knowledge and by doing so, push the restaurant further, realising more of its potential and taking it to a level we haven’t seen before.

It is a waste to have so many fantastic people working everyday just to execute the ideas of one person when they could all help out developing those thoughts into something greater if they were just given the time and encouragement to do so.

Because of this new way of working, we will change our reservations procedure and a few other practical details, more information of this and what research projects we will engage in for next year will follow at a later time.

The restaurant will close on the 28th of February 2015 and remain closed until the 1st of July the same year.

Best wishes, Magnus

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